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Historically Significant People Recreated As Cats And Dogs

Napoleon Boneaparte Illustrator Christina Hess imagines historical figures of the past as cats and dogs in her wonderful series. The illustrations were made for the artist’s Animals From History project, a collection of historically charged fictional tales set in an animal-centric world. The characters in the series … Continue reading

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Recalling NYC 1993

Step back twenty years into New York City’s past. Call from any NYC pay phone to hear what was happening on that block in 1993. Visit recalling1993.com for more information.

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Monday, Laundry Day, New York City

      Photos from the 1930s:  LINK!

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A brief History of Art


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A Stop Motion History of the World

Look at this wonderfully crafty stop motion piece from director Kevin Parry that follows the history of the world from the big bang: LINK

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Historically Hardcore

Awesome advertising from The Smithsonian:

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