Can you guess the rock stars from the emoji art?

Tata&Friends have designed funny graphic tributes to world-famous bands.

0d513682-403d-4736-94ff-a100244b8d68-480x720 1b1b7c86-454a-4261-9337-4e28872c7430-480x720 4a0b6896-75fe-44e2-bfef-a960bcff405e-480x720 6d7ba1b7-ffeb-44c5-9c03-76de52f453ff-480x720 7f6a822a-3756-4f8b-98cb-490681abd427-480x720 9a2d6b24-f5d7-42f7-9f01-a2e7254d3331-480x720 606fd557-de1a-4a19-aa14-a3577d3d4c5a-480x720 631875a0-347c-4546-a8a1-d798306e813e-480x720 ce8c90a4-9125-422c-8bd8-a1412fa74a20-480x720 dbc0b606-5edc-49d9-bd50-4277d3d57642-480x720 f67016dc-eedc-4c62-bb5b-04d533bc3a1e-480x720



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