Hipster Brands Transformed Into Uncool Corporate Giants


Marketing agency Cornett created a series of logos that flip the indie aesthetic of certain brands into their unabashedly commercial counterparts.


3026834-slide-s-1-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-2-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-3-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-4-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-5-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-6-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-8-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-9-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-10-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-11-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-12-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-13-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-14-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-15-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-16-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-17-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-18-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-19-hipster-corporate-logos 3026834-slide-s-20-hipster-corporate-logos



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