Eric Joyner: Robots And Donuts



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4 Responses to Eric Joyner: Robots And Donuts

  1. castiblanc says:

    amazing, create a new world, do something that we cannot live in our reality. That could be the role of the painting in a world were the digital image and photography are in the top. It is beacuse of something i ask myself..why to do a perfectly detailed portrait of something if a camera can do the same. Why not use this wonderful medium of the painting to open the world to the unknown. And why not? the image could be hiperrealistic but with a different topic.

  2. erickuns says:

    Nice. I just wrote about this artist, too. You found some images I hadn’t seen.

  3. zookyworld says:

    These are strange and magical and spectacular. Robots and donuts — I’ve never thought of them together, but these images feel like they hold lots of stories inside them.

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