Star Wars Characters Amusingly Painted Into Popular Artworks


Imagine this, a serene landscape, painted using pastels which depict a small rustic cottage, a little creek and some rolling hills brimming with flowers and colour. Sounds positively relaxing doesn’t it?

That’s the kind of imagery celebrated American painter Thomas Kinkade was renowned for, the tranquil, bucolic and idyllic. A little known fact about Thomas Kinkade, it’s estimated around 1 in 20 Americans have a copy of one of his works hanging about somewhere at home.

Now imagine that very same setting, the moment of peace and calm, over-run with Star Wars characters! We’re talking AT-ATs, Stormtroopers, the mighty Rancor and even the Imperial Star Destroyers all coming to gatecrash the party. Sounds hilarious doesn’t it? Well, thanks for talent and wit of artist Jeff Bennett, such scenes are now reality.

His masterful series titled War on Kinkadesees him digitally adding Star Wars characters into Kinkade’s artworks with amazing realism – as if Kinkade painted them himself. If he were alive today, we reckon he’d enjoy them just as much as we, and hopefully you do too.

Famous-Star-Wars-Characters-Painted-Into-Popular-Artworks-2 Famous-Star-Wars-Characters-Painted-Into-Popular-Artworks-3 Famous-Star-Wars-Characters-Painted-Into-Popular-Artworks-4 Famous-Star-Wars-Characters-Painted-Into-Popular-Artworks-5



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