Adam Miller’s Contemporary Mythological Paintings


With his paintings, Adam Miller recontextualizes baroque and Hellenistic style elements by placing them within a modern futuristic landscape. Miller implements mythological, ecological, and humanistic themes in order to address ideas of technology and progress and “the struggle to find meaning in a world poised between expansion and decay.” His dreamy and angelic compositions reflect contemporary concerns with a classic and realist style. Imagery that might at first appear dated and inaccessible becomes relatable and modern upon closer inspection.

painting by Adam Miller painting by Adam Miller painting by Adam Miller painting by Adam Miller millerpainting7 millerpainting9 painting by Adam Miller millerpainting11 millerpainting millerpainting8

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One Response to Adam Miller’s Contemporary Mythological Paintings

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Extraordinary work – disturbing perhaps because the technique is as strong as the subject matter. Not much redemption for humanity here.

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