My Mom’s Crotch


Leigh Ledare (b. 1976, Seattle, Washington) is a fine art photographer who, “uses photography and video to document his highly eroticized relationship with his mother.”




The exhibition ‘Leigh Ledare et al’ is his first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. The exhibition is more than his mom’s crotch; it’s photographies, videos, texts and more portraying different persons surrounding the artist – most of the with a sexual character though.

What caught the eyes of most visitors of this exhibition, and what have led to a massive debate in the press, is the way Leigh Ledare portrays his mom: spreading her legs, laying naked with her young lover, playing with herself wearing sexy underwear.




The matter of question of the debate is if these photos are repulsive and incestuous or if a son can actually photograph his own mom masturbating and get a fine art photography as the result? Disgusting and perverted, some say. Interesting and fantastic, other people say. Despite the naked mom/son-relationship I’m really fascinated by what I’ve seen and I cannot wait to see the exhibition.

461918-585x360   23746876mom-and-me-in-mirror


2009: “Ca me touche”, curated by Nan Goldin, Les Rencontres d’Arles, France.
2010: Nominated and exhibited at the Recontres d’Arles Discovery Award, France.
2012: Wiels Contemporary Art Center, in Brussels
2013: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, in Copenhague


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