Enrique Gomez De Molina’s Taxidermy Hybrids




Using the parts of once-living animals, de Molina hopes to bring awareness to the danger faced by a multitude of species: nuclear and chemical waste, over development and deforestation, to name a few. Genetic engineering and human intervention also accounts for the conceptualization of these surreal pieces. Enrique de Molina puts into question the possibilities artificial evolution that the future holds.

Enrique-Gomez-de-Molina-Taxidermy-Hybrids-1-600x450 Enrique-Gomez-de-Molina-Taxidermy-Hybrids-3

It is fascinating to see the hybrid species he has created in some cases using part spotted skunk, fan tail pigeon, rooster, and ostrich or skunk, lamb, and deer hooves.

Enrique-Gomez-de-Molina-Taxidermy-Hybrids-4 Enrique-Gomez-de-Molina-Taxidermy-Hybrids-6-600x465 Enrique-Gomez-de-Molina-Taxidermy-Hybrids-9



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