Copenhagen: The Good Life

Herb Lester Associates’ creative guide to one of the world’s most livable cities:


The fold-up map is illustrated by Washington, DC-based Matt Chase, whose talent often ends up on the pages of Monocle and beyond. His simplified drawings fall perfectly in line with the rest of Herb Lester Associates’ range of retro-inspired maps, which span several cities and include particular topics like “Writing Manhattan” or “London’s Best Specialist Suppliers.”

Pick up a copy of “Copenhagen: The Good Life” online from Herb Lester Associates where it sells for £4, or from The Good Life’s online shop or physical storefront, both of which stock several of Lester’s other city guides alongside an array of covetable Scandinavian wares.

Images courtesy of Matt Chase and Karen Day

herb-lester-copenhagen-2-thumb-1000x688-56235 herb-lester-copenhagen-3-thumb-238x336-56236 herb-lester-copenhagen-4-thumb-376x336-56238


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One Response to Copenhagen: The Good Life

  1. Chas Spain says:

    that is a very nice map. Always loved the map of the piccadilly line which was done as a semi 3D visual for some tube ads.

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