LifeCycle: Unbox Yourself

You live in a little box.
You get into a little box that drives you to another little box.
And you spend your day thinking little boxed thoughts in your little box.
Till it’s time to leave for the other little box.
Unbox yourself. Get a life. Get a cycle.

How often does a good ad comes along? and how often does a small local business get a chance to work with an award winning agency? LifeCycle had the opportunity to work with a team of great creatives from DDB Singapore led by Thomas Yang and Andrew Hook  (Creative Directors), whom created the LifeCycle’s outdoor and print ad campaign titled “Terrain”, “Roadmap” and “Cityscape”. The ad campaign was awarded 2 golds at the Cannes Lions Award, yes not 1 but 2 GOLDS in the outdoor category!LINK!
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