Jonathan Hobin: In The Playroom

The Twins:

A Boo Grave:

Dear Leader:

Spring Break:

The Saints:


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7 Responses to Jonathan Hobin: In The Playroom

  1. Meggen says:

    Wow, ridiculously bad taste, the first two.

  2. Meggen says:

    Ooh, a concept, how artistic! I loooove seeing kids used as props to recreate a torture scene! Yippee!!! (insert frowny face, sarcastic tone)

    • Mr_Andersen says:

      According to Adorno & Horkheimer art should be full of meaning and revolution and not just be nice and entertaining.

      I see these pictures as stating an important case. Many people didn’t care about the pictures from Abu Graib when they involved Afghans – are they less people than children?

      I’m glad how this artist managed to provoke you 🙂

  3. brandytodt says:

    I like how you used the children to deliver emotional filled images. At first I did not notice the details, just saw children in photos but as I looked more deeply I saw what you were trying to portray.

  4. Meggen says:

    Blah blah blah, art provokes. Abu ghraib actually stunned me, I followed the news closely. Don’t throw me in the pool with those who didn’t care. This is just low-brow art masquerading as high-brow art. Haha good luck with that!

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