Olympic Protest of the Day


In protest of the strict branding regulations for the upcoming London Olympics, 25 street artists known collectively as Brandalism have reclaimed more than 30 existing billboards around the U.K., postering over the existing content with their own ad busts:

Installed over five days in one continuous road trip that has covered the length of the country, the Brandalism crew have hit 33 spots in 5 cities. Edited and developed on the fly, this project sees the culmination of 8 months work and we will be adding more content to the site after we get some serious sleep, updates will follow daily…

Inspired by a little known writer Sean Tejaratchi, the infamous British street artist Banksy plagiarized and popularized the Brandalism term in his latest book — Wall & Piece. It is from here that we are picking up where they both left off with the Brandalism project by putting words into action with the world’s first international, collaborative subvertising project.




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