Up-cycled Skateboards: The Dunk

Artist and avid skateboarder Haroshi, stacks, cuts and shines old skate decks into interesting and colorful recycled sculptures.

He created The Dunk with with some of his own boards as well as used skateboards from Nike pro riders, including P-ROD, Lance Mountain, Eric Koston, Elissa Steamer, Chet Childress, and others:

He also hid some details and humor within the shoe:

“The hidden humor of “kick X kick” came from the fact that the kick of the deck, the shape of it, for some amazing reasons, matches perfectly to the outsole of The Dunk. Another hidden message “sole in soul” , is only revealed when placing The Dunk under X-ray scanning. By coincident, this parallels the recent NIKE commercial, a NIKE Swish will be visible. Furthermore, the insole, medial, namely the whole inner parts of The Dunk was meticulously sculpted even though it is not readily visible.”


Spotted and contributed by @SPOLOPblog

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